Summon-ing the courage: JIBS user event


I was fortunate enough to be asked to talk at the JIBS User group event and AGM held at SOAS in London on Monday 25 February. The whole day was fascinating, with many interesting presentations from institutions that had implemented a discovery system. I was worried that much of my content would have already been […]

Context and the discovery journey

It’s hard to talk about specific examples of searches that “don’t work” in Summon, isn’t it? Firstly you’ve got the problem that a search in one institution’s implementation won’t match another’s. Secondly, and more worryingly, the examples we talk about are generally ones that we come up with, rather than ones our students bring to […]

Summon and Information Literacy webinar

So last week I spoke at a Serial Solution webinar on Summon and its impact on information literacy at Sheffield Hallam. The talk I gave was a mash up of a talk I gave with my colleague Angie at the IFLA satellite conference, a talk I gave at the M-Library conference, the talk I gave […]



About 18 months ago, toward the end of 2010, we started to look at implementations of discovery systems. We had already decided to move from federated search to a discovery platform (best. decison. ever.) and were keen to see what others were doing. Eventually we decided on Serials Solutions’ Summon, loaded it with our catalogue […]

Mobile technologies in libraries : information sharing event

Today I gave a talk at the Mobile technologies in libraries : information sharing event on “Creating a separate mobile library gateway with a framework called iUI – and why I wouldn’t do it again” (which I attempted to acronymise as “CASMLGWAFCiUIAWIWDIA”, but I don’t think it caught on). As promised, the slides and the […]

Where are the beautifully designed interfaces?

I recently tweeted (rather inelegantly over two separate, tweets,) that; using web-scale discovery means a move away from interfaces designed by and for librarians… …to a model of beautifully designed screens that will create simple user interactions Matthew Reidsma replied asking the very pertinent question: “Where are these beautifully designed web-scale discovery UIs?” I was being […]

Internet Explorer 6 and library web pages.


I mentioned recently that we needed to think about IE6 when designing and creating library web pages. There is an assertion that this is ridiculous, and we need to move away from catering to a browser that’s over ten years old. However, I think we in HE (and probably lots of other areas) need to […]

Library website refresh.

LIbrary Gateway with notes

We’re committed to getting a refreshed, slightly redesigned Library Gateway out there in time for returning students. Sometimes that feels like it is beginning of October, but then you remember that the Education students start in September, and we need to prepare teaching material. So it actually needs to be ready by August. <gulp>. There […]