Summon and Information Literacy webinar

So last week I spoke at a Serial Solution webinar on Summon and its impact on information literacy at Sheffield Hallam. The talk I gave was a mash up of a talk I gave with my colleague Angie at the IFLA satellite conference, a talk I gave at the M-Library conference, the talk I gave at the July 2012 Summon Information Literacy event and a sprinkling of some other things I’ve been thinking about.

I really, really, really, wanted to get across what a change Summon has made to our information literacy teaching, but that it was only possible to embed that change in our teaching when we presented Summon within a clear to understand, easy to navigate interface. I think I managed to explain why we’d made the choices we have. And there was certainly some interest in how we designed the library website. There were some technical issues, but it worked out fine in the end.

Sidenote> It’s fascinating doing a webinar when you are used to speaking in front of a crowd of people! I started sat down, talking into the phone, but I found myself sounding really flat. I ended up standing up and pacing around the room as far as the phone line would allow me to. There were some excellent, tough questions at the end, which I should’ve prepared more for, but I answered them honestly.


The webinar is available on the Serial Solutions site, although I haven’t listened to it, so I’m not sure whether the technical issues are left in.

I referenced many, many useful things including

Matt Reidsma
Twitter Bootstrap

The slides are also available